Liga Ventures is a platform that turns open innovation into real results.

From in-depth market studies to acceleration programs, Liga Ventures has a portfolio of solutions aimed at fostering open innovation for every link in the chain.

We help startups gain visibility and scale, accelerating their business and developing connections with the market. We offer companies in-depth industry information, through our market studies, in addition to opportunities to innovate faster based on forming closer ties with startups, which can be tailored to the degree necessary for your business.

Atento NEXT is Atento’s accelerator program in partnership with Liga Ventures. Atento Next’s acceleration and business generation program is in its first cycle and will accelerate startups that have synergy with the themes chosen by Atento business areas. The main mission of the program is to make connections between interested startups and Atento business areas, generating business and new products, while offering solutions to the problems faced within business units.

To register in the program, your Startup should have synergy with one of the themes proposed. In addition, your startup needs to:

– Have founders who are extremely dedicated to the acceleration process;

– Be committed to the routine of meetings and mentorships, with Liga Ventures as well as with corporations, during the acceleration program.

You can take part in the selective process with just an idea, but more mature startups have a greater capacity to generate innovations and find success at major corporations with their projects, which is why they hold an edge during the selective process.
An essential part of a startup is that it have a strong team that is dedicated and has complementary skills. Without this, it is unlikely that your Startup will be successful. We accept startups with at least 1 member in charge of the technology area and 1 member in charge of market and business matters.

Participation in acceleration processes does not preclude you from participating in our process; however, simultaneous participation in two acceleration programs is not allowed. We believe that it is not possible to reconcile scheduling demands and practical referrals while running two acceleration processes at the same time.

To register, you should complete our registration form, which can be found at: https://en.inscricoes.atentonext.liga.ventures/

Registration will be open until Nov. 29, 2020.

– Registration: You should complete the registration form in relation to your Startup so that it can be evaluated.

– Evaluation: Startups will be selected to move onto the interview stage based on those with the most potential for synergy according to the themes raised by the corporations.

– Interviews: At this stage, we will interview the Startup’s founders via conference call, learning a bit more about matters pertaining to the Startup and to the program, in addition to any points that may not have been clear in the registration process.

– Pitch Day: Startups selected after the interview stage are invited to make pitches for their solutions to representatives of partner corporations and Liga Ventures, which will assess them and will indicate those Startups that are understood as having the most synergy with the program.

– The Champions: After the corporations have made their decisions, we will notify the startups selected, which then need to accept the program’s commitment agreement in order to participate in the acceleration process.

We try to select at last 4 startups in each batch.

The main counterpart required is the team’s commitment. Liga does not acquire any equity in Startups and our main goal is the business created between companies and startups accelerated. We are not interested in taking ownership of your Startup’s intellectual property. Our goal is to help your Startup to evolve in terms of management and practical skills, to generate business between Startups and corporations, and the growth of your Startup’s business.

No, there is no investment or equity acquired by Liga Ventures during the program.

No, the startup needs to pay any costs related to transport and lodging during the program.

Yes, this is an on-site program. (This item may be revised according to the COVID-19 scenario.)

The dedication of the founders and/or strategic members of the company needs to be more intense. We have a maximum limit of 2 members per Startup that takes part in the acceleration process, who may take advantage of all of our infrastructure as well as other benefits of acceleration. (This item may be revised according to the COVID-19 scenario.)

Yes! An MVP is the minimum requirement for all participating startups. We will not accept registrations from startups that are still in the idea or concept phase.

An MVP can be anything from a prototype based on a validation to a pivot from a test that did not prove to be as efficient as the initial hypothesis. Our aim is that within the program’s 4 months the startup will already have managed to close deals with corporations. What matters most is for your Startup to be capable of having operational deliverables within this period.

We do not sign any type of confidentiality agreement during the selection process. Every year we assess thousands of projects for this and other acceleration programs and we handle all information shared with confidentiality. Only the Liga team and partner companies will have access to data.

If there is any information that you do not feel comfortable sharing without a confidentiality agreement, we suggest that you not include it on your registration form.

You do not need to have a corporate taxpayer ID (CNPJ) to take part in the selection process. However, if you are selected, you will need to open a company. The program’s focus is on generating business and you need to be prepared for this!

Startups selected for the interview phase will be notified individually by December 11. Attention: notifications will be sent by e-mail.
Because we receive a large volume of registrations, we are unable to provide individual feedback to every startup. Only finalist startups will receive individual feedback.